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4 Advanced Ways to Make Your Packaging More Brandable


Imagine you have to present yourself to a crowd in just a snap of a second. So, how would you make sure they would like what they go through or see? Possibilities are that dressing up well will quickly click to their mind.
So, just like you would evaluate somebody on how they dress, we frequently judge products or brands by checking their exterior. Successful product packaging proves to be a complete game changer, which involves the most effective packaging advertising and can increase your product sales. In this blog, we offer you valuable insights on brandable packaging, advanced packaging strategies and more!


Why is Packaging Important for Branding?

Packaging is specifically essential for your business because it serves many purposes. Some of them are:

It Tells Customers About Your Product

Primarily, packaging gives customers enough details regarding your product via both text and pictures. You would never like to put your product in a plain box and hope people to purchase it from the shelf. This plain box does not include details about what the product is and why people should purchase it. All details can be shown with an effective representation of your product packaging.

It Tells Customers about Your Organization

Packaging shows customers about your product and explains to them about your organization and is one of the finest ways to create brand awareness. In fact, you can say more about your organization with your packaging.

It Assists Your Product Emerge Out

The plain box packaging surely won’t help your products emerge out on a crowded shelf. Rather, you require attractive packaging advertising material that pauses people in their ways and compels them to learn more.

It Helps in Creating a Brand Identity

When done properly, packaging can also help in creating a brand identity. This is due to most customers having doubts about buying from brands they have never heard of previously and do not know anything about them.

It Safeguards Your Product

The most fundamental packaging task is to safeguard the product to safely ship it from the manufacturer to the retailer and, in the end, to the customer. Similarly, some products require more safety than others.


4 Advanced Branding Strategies for Packaging

Products are not only about what is in the box – their packaging is a significant part of their complete appeal. Know how to use packaging advertising strategies to increase your brand’s visibility and make sure your products outshine the competition. A few packaging strategies to enhance brand visibility are:

Use Shiny or Bright Colors

Shiny or bright colors are more probable to get people’s attention compared to muted colors. You should consider bright color packaging if you need your product to be outstanding on a congested shelf. This is considered one of the effective packaging improvement ideas which enhance your brand visibility.

Use Uncommon or Unique Shapes

If your product’s packaging is attractive and unique, it will be more feasible to attract people’s attention when checking the shelves.

Use Appealing Textures

One more way to make your brand’s packaging more appealing is to use fascinating textures. This is helpful for your product to look more premium, thus making people more feasible to buy it.

Use Finely Designed Labels

Effectively designed labels can also help improve brand visibility. So, your labels must be interesting and easy to read.


How to Get Started

Packaging design has become a significant attribute of any product. Now, companies have realized that customers are more willing to buy well-designed products. Some important tips to consider before you start with a packaging company:

Look into Packaging Design Quality

These are the most crucial criteria you need to consider when selecting a brand packaging design company. Having a high-quality packaging design will make sure that your product gets seen and purchased.

Knowledge of Graphic and Structural Design

Selecting a brand packaging design company with enough knowledge in graphic and structural design will confirm your product is designed exquisitely. The packaging design company you choose must have a clear market understanding and target audience, which allows them to develop packaging that is both pleasing and functional.

Consider Cost Optimization

This is one of the most imperative features to consider when looking for a packaging design company. You must ensure that your package stays distinct from the crowd, but similarly, it should remain within your budget limits.

Provide Inherent Customer Services

Consider a brand packaging design company that can offer you good customer service. They should be present during all growth phases, from pre-production to production and delivery. 


Common Mistakes to Avoid

No issue how much customers may require your product, a product’s packaging can prospectively make or break their purchasing decision. Here are the most common packaging mistakes to avoid that will serve as essential tips for building a brand in the long run.

Unnecessary Features

Customers have some expectations when it is about packaging. So, you should not overwhelm your customers with a package that is inundated with unnecessary features. Rather, take the time to sort out the features that are most consistent with your industry and product.

Labeling Mistakes

Wrongly labeled packaging can ultimately hurt the reputation of both your brand and customers. Even if it is a typo or something more serious like incorrect nutritional and allergy labeling, your product packaging should be appropriately proofread before reaching the shelves.

Excessive Material

Excessive packaging materials can create different problems. For one, excessive materials usually signify the packaging is more wasteful and less viable. For others, excessive materials can decrease your product-to-package proportion, giving customers a package that may look big from the outside but includes a very small product inside.

Irregular Branding

For many customers, their initial experience with your brand occurs when they come across your product at the shop. The packaging itself requires not only creating a good first impression but also sending a message that goes with customers when they leave the shop and visit again. Without irregular branding that is completely integrated across all packaging mediums, customers are less probable to look back at the product and its message.


It is important to find the best packaging design company that provides innovative solutions at the lowest possible rate. But it is also based on how much effort and time you wish to put into the procedure of finding one.
Universal Bags offers exclusive packaging solutions to your brand’s requirements, together with the assurance of delivering on-time results. Our products will help in improving sales and brand identity, making it effortless for customers to find your products from a certain distance in stores full of crowds. 

Looking for a Quote?


What are the key elements that make packaging an essential aspect of branding?

The key elements of making product packaging design are:

  • Colour
  • Typography
  • Format
  • Visuals

Can you explain the concept of “brandable packaging” and its significance in marketing?

Brandable packaging is the physical wrapping that keeps your product and shows your brand name. Also, it helps build a brand identity, bring in new customers, and retain old customers.

What role does color psychology play in creating brandable packaging?

Packaging colour psychology employs diverse hues to impact your target customers’ behaviour. The use of various colours can call upon specific emotions. For instance, red shows enthusiasm, strong emotions, and youthful diligence, while blue indicates calmness, dependability, and trust.

What are some advanced printing techniques that can elevate the branding on the packaging?

There are some key printing techniques used in the packaging industry:

  1. Flexography
  2. Offset Lithography Printing
  3. Digital Printing (aka Inkjet Printing)
  4. Silkscreen Printing
  5. Rotogravure

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