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What are Packaging bags & types of Packaging Bags?


Packaging bags play a crucial role in safeguarding and containing products during transportation. Many of them feature seals or closures for convenient access. Packaging bags are widely used in retail, industrial, and e-commerce sectors, offering packaging solutions for items like clothing, electronics, food, and bulk materials. Businesses can customize them with branding elements and product information, using them as a marketing tool.

In addition to their practical functionality, packaging bags help create a distinctive brand identity. Universal Bags offers a range of cost-effective types of packaging bags options that combine affordability with quality service. We understand the importance of striking the right balance between cost-effectiveness and quality, and our curated selection of packaging options ensures you can find the ideal packaging solution for your products.

What are packaging Bags?

Packaging bags are versatile containers with materials like plastic, paper, fabric, or eco-friendly options. They offer the flexibility to be customized with branding elements, enabling businesses to showcase their logos, provide product information, and even include promotional messages. This customization aspect turns packaging and its types into effective marketing tools that protect the products and help establish and reinforce brand identity.

Types Of Packaging Bags 

Poly bags

Also known as plastic pouch bags, are a cost-effective packaging option widely used in various industries. Commonly employed for food, chemical, flower, and magazine packaging, they are made from plastic film material. Poly bags are favoured for their ease of production and affordability. 

Users can fully customize them with branding elements and benefit from extra protection through locking features such as zip locks or resealable closures. Their lightweight nature reduces shipping costs and environmental impact. Poly bags offer resistance to moisture, ensuring the contents stay dry and protected. With their versatility in design, size, and customization options, poly bags provide a practical and efficient packaging solution for businesses seeking secure and attractive product packaging.

Paperboard boxes 

These are a popular and cost-effective choice for product packaging. They offer extensive customization options regarding materials, shapes, styles, and printing designs while keeping costs low. These boxes are lightweight yet durable, providing adequate product protection during storage and transportation. Paperboard can be easily cut into various structures, allowing for flexibility in design and accommodating different product shapes and sizes. 

It comes in different grades, such as solid bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard for premium applications and environmentally friendly options like Kraft paperboard. With their affordability and customizable nature, paperboard boxes are a practical choice for businesses looking to create attractive and functional packaging solutions that align with their brand and product requirements.

Paper bags

 These are a popular and cost-effective choice for types of bags for packaging products. They are especially favoured in the retail sector, particularly for clothing items, due to their convenience and affordability. Additionally, many grocery stores opt for paper bags to address environmental concerns and promote their commitment to sustainability. They are available in various types, including flat bags with handles for retail purchases and reinforced bags with larger capacities for grocery items.

Bottle and cap packaging

 These can be expensive when considering the additional packaging required for retail and wholesale readiness. However, small plastic and glass bottles offer an affordable solution when purchased in bulk. These reusable, compact bottles save shelf space in retail stores. They can also undergo complete customization with printed designs, logos, or product information. In addition to bottles, various types of packaging bags are available for different product packaging needs. Poly bags, stand-up pouches, and foil bags are just a few examples.  

Corrugated boxes

 Made from corrugated cardboard, these are versatile and durable packaging options. Shipping, shoe boxes, and storage commonly utilize them. Corrugated boxes have also gained popularity in e-commerce and product packaging. They offer protection and visual appeal, making them ideal for subscription and mailer boxes. These fully customizable boxes allow businesses to incorporate unique prints and logos. In addition to corrugated boxes, various types of bags for packaging are available, such as poly bags, stand-up pouches, and foil bags, catering to different product packaging needs.

Plastic boxes

 These are widely used in various industries for effective packaging. They are durable and suitable for sharper items that could poke through other materials like cardboard. Plastic boxes provide excellent protection, especially for fragile products such as baked goods, and can withstand extreme conditions. They showcase products perfectly from any angle due to their transparent nature. Despite their advantages, plastic boxes are surprisingly affordable.

Side gusset bags

 These are popular in the tea, coffee, and baking industries for maintaining product flavour and protection against bacteria. They are also used for packaging bedding, clothing, and food to extend shelf life and prevent spoilage. These bags create a dense environment inside, preserving product quality. The gussets allow for expansion while keeping the packaging secure. Side gusset bags offer a barrier against contaminants and are versatile for different packaging needs, such as pet food, supplements, and powders.

Rigid boxes

Also known as luxury boxes, these are high-end packaging solutions commonly seen in upscale retail and electronic stores. They are made from thick condensed paperboard, providing durability and a premium appearance. Despite being more expensive, they are still affordable for creating luxury packaging. 


Packaging bags play a crucial role in product protection during transportation. Universal Bags provide customizable solutions that help businesses showcase their brand identity while ensuring product safety. We understand the importance of balancing affordability and quality. We provide customizable solutions that enable companies to showcase their brand identity while ensuring product safety.

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How do packaging bags help in preserving the freshness and quality of products?

 Packaging bags preserve product freshness and quality by providing a protective barrier against air, moisture, and contaminants, preventing oxidation and maintaining airtightness.

Can you provide examples of packaging bags commonly used in the food industry?

HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP are some of the examples of packaging bags most commonly used in the food industry.

Are there specialized packaging bags for specific industries, such as pharmaceuticals or electronics?

Yes, there are specialized packaging bags for specific industries, such as medical-grade bags for pharmaceuticals and anti-static bags for electronics.

What are the common features to look for in resealable packaging bags?

Standard features to look for in resealable packaging bags include:

  • A reliable sealing mechanism.
  • Durability.
  • Ease of use.
  • The ability to maintain product freshness.

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