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Woven polypropylene is a strong and lightweight thermoplastic resin material produced through the polymerization of propylene. It is created by weaving polypropylene strips or threads in two directions, offering an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Circular woven polypropylene fabric makes different types of PP woven bags. The bags are made by sewing one side to create the bottom and leaving the other side open, resulting in a simple yet sturdy bag. Woven polypropylene bags produce exceptional durability and strength for various applications. 

What are PP woven Bags? 

Due to their lightweight and durable nature, PP woven bags are applied in multiple applications. These bags are versatile and can be produced in any size, making them ideal for packing different products, including food, grains, seeds, fertilizers, and more. These bags, made from polypropylene woven fabric, can be customized to suit different sizes according to the products they are meant to hold. Their ease of handling, cost-efficiency, and high durability make them a reliable option for transportation and storage. Laminated bags provide moisture protection, while UV-coated bags are ideal for sunlight protection. Overall, PP woven bags are a dependable and practical choice for packaging and transporting a wide range of goods. 


Types of PP Woven Bags

The most common types of pp woven bags are here under –  

BOPP Laminated Woven Bags

BOPP bags has a Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film layer attached to its outer side to enhance its strength and durability. BOPP film is a plastic material that undergoes a stretching process in two directions during manufacturing, resulting in a more robust and durable material. The BOPP film layer provides additional protection to the PP woven fabric against external elements like moisture, dust, and UV rays that may damage the packaged goods. 

Lined PP woven bags

These bags are designed to keep products safe and secure. They come with a seal liner of HDPE and LDPE material inserted and sealed inside the bag to prevent moisture and other contaminants from entering. The seal liner fits snugly inside the bag, maintaining its shape and reducing moisture accumulation. This feature is especially useful in industries where moisture-sensitive goods are packaged and transported. These bags are widely used for packaging food grains, animal feed, fertilizers, chemicals, and other products that require protection against moisture and contamination.

UV stabilized PP woven bags

These bags are made of PP material and treated with UV stabilizers to enhance their durability and make them resistant to sunlight. They can withstand harsh weather conditions and are perfect for outdoor use. These bags are commonly used in packing heavy materials like cement, sand, and fertilizers. These bags have a longer lifespan and are a cost-effective solution for reducing packaging expenses in the long run.

Laminated PP woven bags

These bags protect products from environmental factors such as humidity and moisture. They have an additional layer of poly film on the bag’s inside, outside, or both sides. This layer not only enhances protection but also improves the printability of the bag. These woven bags are commonly used in packaging food items, animal feed, chemicals, and other products that require protection from environmental factors. Compared to standard, laminated PP woven bags are more durable and provide superior protection.

Paper coated bags

These bags are a variety of PP woven bags that offer superior toughness and safeguarding. They are constructed with three layers: PP woven fabric, PP lamination, and a Kraft paper layer. The external Kraft paper layer provides extra durability and puncture resistance. The PP woven fabric and lamination layer also resist moisture and product loss. Paper coated bags are widely used in mining, construction, and agriculture sectors, where robust packaging solutions are necessary. 


Advantages of Woven Bags 

Durable and lightweight

PP woven bags are extremely strong and offer great resistance against moisture and other environmental elements, which makes them perfect for storing and moving various goods. These bags are also lightweight and simple to handle, making them an ideal choice for packing and transportation. 


 Woven polypropylene bags are resistant to water absorption, making them ideal for industries that handle moisture-sensitive products such as food and agriculture. These bags also resist mildew and mold growth, keeping products fresh and hygienic. Moisture can cause spoilage and clumping of items like fruits, vegetables, cement, or chemicals, making these bags invaluable for transportation and storage. They are perfect for long-term storage and reduce the need for frequent replacement, ultimately saving you money.


Woven polypropylene bags are a popular choice among businesses due to their cost-effectiveness. These bags are cheaper than alternatives like jute or cotton bags but offer the same strength and durability. This allows businesses to save money on packaging without compromising on the quality of their products.

Easy printing

Printing on woven polypropylene bags is an affordable and easy process, making them an excellent choice for packaging. Their smooth and flat surface ensures high-quality prints, and they can be printed using various techniques, providing flexibility in design options. The cost-effectiveness of printing on woven polypropylene bags is due to the affordability of the material and efficient printing process, reducing production costs.


Woven polypropylene bags are an eco-friendly packaging option as they are made of recyclable plastic. They are strong and durable, water-resistant and lightweight which reduces shipping costs. These bags are ideal for businesses that want to go green and reduce their environmental impact.

Long Storage Life

Woven polypropylene bags are created to last long. The bags are ideal for packaging products that need to be stored for long periods as they can provide reliable protection to their contents. Additionally, these bags can be reused many times without losing their strength, thereby promoting sustainability. 


Uses of PP Woven Bags 

Waste disposal

PP woven bags are a popular choice for managing waste. They are frequently utilized for collecting and moving garbage, recyclables, and other waste items. 

Used in Construction Sector

 Bags of this kind are commonly employed in the construction sector to hold and move materials like cement, sand, and gravel.

Best for Storage of Sensitive Items

PP types of woven bagsare an excellent option for safeguarding sensitive documents or items during transportation and storage. These bags are highly secure due to their tear-resistant properties.

For Packaging Food Products

PP woven bags are a popular choice for packaging food products due to their exceptional strength and chemical resistance. These bags made from PP woven fabric are highly durable and are commonly used to transport and store a variety of food items such as rice, flour, and maize. 

For Agriculture packaging

PP woven bags are commonly utilized in the storage and transportation of agricultural products and fertilizers over long distances. The exceptional qualities of PP woven fabric, such as its high durability and ability to be reused, make it a viable option for agriculture product packaging.



Universal Bag’s types of pp woven bags are a versatile packaging solution catering to various product packaging needs. These bags are made from high-quality polypropylene woven fabric, which is lightweight and synthetic, making them an ideal choice for product packaging. They are strong and resilient, ensuring reliable performance and long-lasting use. These laminated PP woven bags are perfect for various industrial applications and can simplify packaging processes. We take pride in our product quality and assurance of providing efficient and effective packaging solutions. 


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Which type of bag is most environmentally friendly?

Woven polypropylene bags are a better option than single-use plastic bags since they are sturdy and can be used multiple times. This reduces the use of disposable bags and prevents plastic waste from polluting landfills and the environment. 

Can you provide examples of industries that use PP woven bags?

  1. In agriculture, they serve as reliable storage and transportation for feeds, fruits, and vegetables.  
  2. Geotechnical engineering appreciates the benefits of PP woven fabrics due to their filtering, draining, isolation, and anti-seepage properties. These qualities make them an ideal choice for applications such as irrigation works, roads, railways, ports, mines, and buildings.  
  3. PP woven fabrics offer versatility in the tourism and transport industries. They can create temporary tents, sunshades, and travel bags. 

Is woven polypropylene an eco-friendly material?

This fabric is environmentally friendly and can be easily recycled and repurposed into other items. Additionally, its durability allows for multiple uses, reducing the need for disposable products. 

Can PP woven bags be printed with logos, text, or graphics? 

PP woven bags are ideal for custom printing as they have a smooth surface and offer high-quality printability. Logos, text, or graphics can be easily printed using various techniques such as screen printing, flexographic printing, or offset printing. It also allows for greater customization and personalization of the bags for specific purposes or events. 

How long do PP woven bags typically last? 

PP woven bags are popular for their sturdiness and can endure for an extended period with proper handling and utilization. Ordinarily, these bags can last for multiple years before displaying any damage.

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