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BOPP bag

Best Manufacturer and Supplier of BOPP Bags in Ahmedabad

BOPP laminated bags are versatile and add a layer of protection to your storage requirements. The BOPP lamination layer makes these bags resistant to dust, water, and other environmental factors, making them ideal packaging products for different industries. 

At Universal Bags, we manufacture and supply the best quality BOPP laminated woven bags to cater to a diverse range of requirements. With Universal Bags, you can shop for premium-quality BOPP bags in Ahmedabad to suit your unique requirements.

Are you looking for a reliable, durable packaging or storage solution? BOPP bags are highly sought-after packaging essentials across various industry verticals. Contact us now to get durable BOPP bags in Ahmedabad.

Benefits of Choosing Our BOPP Bags in Ahmedabad

BOPP bags are renowned for offering the strength and toughness of a poly-woven bag. Moreover, they are colourful and beautiful. They also feature high-quality graphics to suit diverse needs.

When you get high-quality BOPP woven bags from Universal Bags in Ahmedabad, you get the following benefits:

  • Amazing print quality
  • Reduced electrostatic charge
  • Reverse printing feature that is not easily scratched off
  • Option of customization
  • Water and moisture-resistant
  • The presence of fewer layers to minimize freight cost and weight
  • The presence of a high gloss surface boosts the product’s marketability
  • High tensile strength along with impressive dimensional stability

Features of BOPP Bags

  • Interesting aesthetics, prolonged freshness
  • Durable and high organic strength
  • Weather-resistant shield
  • Ultrasonic manual stitching for improved durability
  • A layer of BOPP lamination on the surface
  • A foundation layer of HDPE or PP poly-woven fabric
  • Back seam


Looking for customized packaging or storage solutions in Ahmedabad?

With Universal Bags, you get to customize your choice of BOPP laminated woven bags in terms of printing and fabric options. With the right customization, you can enhance your brand aesthetics and printing quality.

Whether you need high-quality BOPP bags for storing agricultural products or grains, chemicals, or pharmacy products, our premium range of BOPP woven bags in Ahmedabad guarantees you top-notch durability and ease of storage.

  • Printing Precision: Look into our revolutionary Gravure printing technology that is used to design interesting prints for BOPP bags.
  • Amazing Fabric Choices: Choose the fabric that aligns with your business’s unique style or branding needs. You can choose from traditional woven styles or modern non-woven materials.
  • Customizable Quantities: With a minimum order quantity of only 5000 pieces, we deliver the flexibility you require without compromising on the overall quality.



Attractive flat finish




High-Quality BOPP material


Higher barrier properties to water vapour and oxygen


Attractive flat finish


Higher transparency and clarity

BOPP Bags Applications

You can buy BOPP bags in different sizes and fabric options with Universal bags. We offer an impressive capacity range of 10-50 kg.

Therefore, they are widely used in various industries, including agriculture, production units, pharmacy, and the chemical industry.

You can use our top-quality BOPP woven bags for storing a myriad of items, including:


Agriculture Industry

In agriculture, these BOPP laminated pp woven bags protect seeds and fertilizers from moisture, ensuring the quality and viability of agricultural inputs.

Food Industry

Food Industry

BOPP laminated bags are:
A staple in the food industry, Preserving the freshness of grains, Pulses, Various food products.

fine chemical

Chemical Industry

For the chemical sector, these BOPP bags wholesale act as a reliable barrier, safeguarding sensitive chemicals from external elements and ensuring safety and integrity.


Pharmaceutical Industry

BOPP laminated bags are the go-to choice for packaging medicines, maintaining product efficacy and extending shelf life in pharmaceuticals.

Contact Us for Your Woven Bag Needs

For more information on the quote and customization options, you can reach out to us through email or call to understand the product properly.

Email ID:

Contact No. +91-7622021489, +91-98257 91441

Technical Specifications

Placeholder 1 Placeholder 2
Fabric Options Woven
Printing Options Gravure
GSM 60-160
Make Manual Stitching
Size Capacity Customizable
Width 215 mm - 620 mm
Height 420 mm- 1150mm
Gusset 60mm - 250mm
Carrying Capacity 10kg- 50kg
Lamination Available
Packing Box & bale Packing
Colour Options All Colours
Stitching Manual Stitching

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Some of the common industries in Ahmedabad that make use of premium-quality BOPP woven bags are agriculture, chemical, industrial, and pharmacy.

You can get premium-quality BOPP woven bags in Ahmedabad from Universal Bags, one of the leading BOPP bag manufacturers and suppliers. Universal Bags offers customization options for BOPP bags to improve brand awareness and boost revenues for your brand.

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