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BOPP bag

Best Manufacturer & Supplier of BOPP Bags in Pune​

As one of the leading and trustworthy BOPP bag manufacturers and suppliers in Pune, Universal Bags brings its competence to the forefront. Packaging plays a significant role in marketing any product and assuring its safety throughout the transportation procedure. As one of the most prominent packaging materials in the industry, making BOPP bags is Universal Bags’ speciality.


BOPP bags, also known as Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene sacks, have become more popular in the competitive packaging niche because of their adaptability, strength, and cost-effeciency. They are manufactured from a thermoplastic polymer that is expanded in both the machine and cross-machine orders, developing into a powerful and clear film that is usable in a number of packaging activities.

Benefits of Choosing Our BOPP Bags in Pune

Our BOPP bags in Pune are a most popular choice that provides huge benefits, such as:

1. Printability

BOPP bags can easily be printed with anything, enabling the addition of logos, branding, and product details. This makes them a significant marketing tool for industries looking to market their products.

2. Act as barriers

They are effective at stopping moisture, oxygen, and other surrounding factors from affecting their contents, making them suitable materials for packaging food products.

3. Highly durable

They are resistant to rip-ups, scratches, and punctures, making them ideal for packaging goods that need additional safety.

4. Environment-conscious

They are made from 100% renewable material, which makes them a more eco-friendly alternative than traditional plastic packages.

5. Much profitable

These packages are more affordable than several other packaging materials, which makes them profitable for all businesses.

When looking for the best packaging alternative for your product or business requirements, Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene bag manufacturers are a considerable thing for businesses.

Features of BOPP Bags

  1. Unique tensility and sturdiness that allow huge load capacities
  2. Tear and puncture-proof, decreasing product loss and reworking charges
  3. Dimensional support and water-proof
  4. Exceptional print quality
  5. Custom-designed to fulfil client requirement
  6. They are cold-cut or heat-cut
  7. It can be a pillow/tube or gusseted
  8. Also offered in see-through fabric for product clarity
  9. User-friendly handle support alternatives


As one of the top manufacturers of BOPP bags in Pune, we are glad to manufacture customised packages for different industries. Businesses can choose from various printing and fabric options to go with their unique brand needs.

1. Precision Printing

Universal Bags helps businesses by embossing their logos and messages on BOPP bags with gravure printing, which leaves an everlasting impact.

2. Versatile Fabric Options

Go for the fabric that suits your style. You can select between the conventional power of woven fabrics and the present proposition of non-woven materials.

3. Adaptable Order Quantities

With a minimum quantity of only 5000 pieces, we offer the affability you require without compromising on quality.



Attractive flat finish




High-Quality BOPP material


Higher barrier properties to water vapour and oxygen


Attractive flat finish


Higher transparency and clarity

Applications of BOPP Bags

1. Fertilizers

The sacks’ excellent moisture encounter is exceptional in safeguarding the quality of the fertilisers, even in moist climates. These sacks are the best for preserving both powdered and granular fertilisers.

2. Rice, Grain and Other Farming Products

BOPP packages for rice and grain work well with respect to safeguarding their contents next to pests, wetness, and outer pollutants. These packing materials work as safety nets against sunlight, moisture, and pests, thus protecting the quality of the farming goods.

3. Animal Feed

These sacks are chosen for packing different animal feed, such as horse, chicken, etc., as they can keep the feed intact and pollution-free.

4. Pharmaceutical

These packages are utilised to package pharmaceutical goods like pills, tablets, powders, etc.

5. Chemical

Employed to package many chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, as well as industrial chemicals.

6. Apparel

Used in packaging footwear, garments, and different style accessories.

7. Gifts

They are generally employed for packaging gifts like candles, chocolates, and many small items.


Agriculture Industry

In agriculture, these BOPP laminated pp woven bags protect seeds and fertilizers from moisture, ensuring the quality and viability of agricultural inputs.

Food Industry

Food Industry

BOPP laminated bags are:
A staple in the food industry, Preserving the freshness of grains, Pulses, Various food products.

fine chemical

Chemical Industry

For the chemical sector, these BOPP bags wholesale act as a reliable barrier, safeguarding sensitive chemicals from external elements and ensuring safety and integrity.


Pharmaceutical Industry

BOPP laminated bags are the go-to choice for packaging medicines, maintaining product efficacy and extending shelf life in pharmaceuticals.

Why Choose Universal Bags for Your BOPP Bag Needs?

Universal Bags embodies the dedication to quality and resourcefulness in the packaging industry. Our packages merge into diverse applications, offering reliable, visually attractive, and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Illustrated by personalisation, sustainable characteristics, and technological changes, we are a well-known manufacturer and supplier of BOPP bags in Pune that not only complete but outperform the requirements of its diverse users.

Technical Specifications

Placeholder 1 Placeholder 2
Fabric Options Woven
Printing Options Gravure
GSM 60-160
Make Manual Stitching
Size Capacity Customizable
Width 215 mm - 620 mm
Height 420 mm- 1150mm
Gusset 60mm - 250mm
Carrying Capacity 10kg- 50kg
Lamination Available
Packing Box & bale Packing
Colour Options All Colours
Stitching Manual Stitching

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Some of the related categories of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene bags are non-woven, woven, printed, laminated, and laminated woven sacks.

Yes, it is water-resistant and more powerful than paper fabrics, making it the best option for storing anything from grains to fertilisers to chemicals.

Universal Bags is one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers of BOPP woven packages in Pune.

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