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BOPP bag

BOPP Laminated Woven Bags

It’s fascinating to see the evolution in packaging trends, especially with the rise of BOPP laminated bags. As a top notch BOPP laminated pp woven bags manufacturer in India, Universal Bags introduced this innovative packaging solution. BOPP bags offer a superior photographic appearance and enhance weather resistance, extending the shelf life of your products. The durability stems from the meticulous weaving and lamination process using organic materials. Unlike plain woven bags, BOPP bags print exceptionally well, ensuring a striking visual appeal. Elevate your packaging game with us, you’re one of the trusted BOPP Bags manufacturers. Purchase these durable, visually appealing BOPP bags online from our website and experience packaging excellence.

Features of BOPP Bags

  • Vivid Aesthetics, Prolonged Freshness: BOPP bags, designed by leading BOPP bags manufacturers like us, boast superior photographic appearance, enhancing the visual appeal of your products.
  • Weather-Resistant Shield: Crafted with precision, these BOPP printed bags provide better weather resistance, ensuring your products remain fresh and intact for an extended shelf life.
  • Durable Elegance, Organic Strength: BOPP bags stand out due to their durability, achieved through meticulous weaving and lamination processes with organic materials.

  • Print Perfection: Unlike plain woven bags, BOPP bags shine in the printing and laminating process, ensuring striking visuals for your brand.


When it comes to customization, Universal Bags puts you in control. Choose from a variety of printing and fabric options to match your unique brand needs.

  • Precision Printing with Gravure:
    Impeccably presenting your logo and message, our state-of-the-art gravure printing leaves a lasting impression.
  • Versatile Fabric Choices:
    Select the fabric that aligns with your style. Opt for the traditional strength of woven or the modern appeal of non-woven materials.
  • Flexible Order Quantities:
    With a minimum order quantity of just 5000 pieces, we provide the flexibility you need without compromising  quality or impact.



Attractive flat finish




High-Quality BOPP material


Higher barrier properties to water vapour and oxygen


Attractive flat finish


Higher transparency and clarity

Application of BOPP Laminated Bags


Agriculture Industry

In agriculture, these BOPP laminated pp woven bags protect seeds and fertilizers from moisture, ensuring the quality and viability of agricultural inputs.

Food Industry

Food Industry

BOPP laminated bags are:
A staple in the food industry, Preserving the freshness of grains, Pulses, Various food products.

fine chemical

Chemical Industry

For the chemical sector, these BOPP bags wholesale act as a reliable barrier, safeguarding sensitive chemicals from external elements and ensuring safety and integrity.


Pharmaceutical Industry

BOPP laminated bags are the go-to choice for packaging medicines, maintaining product efficacy and extending shelf life in pharmaceuticals.

Technical Specifications

Placeholder 1 Placeholder 2
Fabric Options Woven
Printing Options Gravure
GSM 60-160
Make Manual Stitching
Size Capacity Customizable
Width 215 mm - 620 mm
Height 420 mm- 1150mm
Gusset 60mm - 250mm
Carrying Capacity 10kg- 50kg
Lamination Available
Packing Box & bale Packing
Colour Options All Colours
Stitching Manual Stitching

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Universal Bags BOPP bags cater to a variety of items, from agricultural products and food items to chemicals and pharmaceuticals. With versatility beyond industries, these bags also serve in retail, textiles, and promotional sectors. Choose us for reliable and innovative packaging solutions.

We offer customizable BOPP laminated pp woven bags to cater to your specific needs. You can personalize your order by choosing from various options such as size, colour, printing design, and additional features. For detailed information on customization options and to place your personalized BOPP woven bags order, feel free to contact us.

Universal Bags’ lead time for custom BOPP bag orders varies based on factors like quantity and customization. We prioritize swift delivery without compromising quality. For an accurate estimate, contact our customer service team.

Universal Bags ensures that our BOPP laminated woven bags are food-safe. Your products are not only packaged with precision but also with the highest standards of safety in mind.

At Universal Bags, we prioritize your satisfaction. Explore our sample policy for a hands-on experience before committing to bulk orders. Contact us to request your samples and make informed decisions effortlessly.

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