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Leader bag

Leader Bags: Premium Non-Woven Shopping Solutions

Leader bags are known for their different uses and advantages. Bags made from organic cotton products are perfect for businesses and organizations to use in promotions and advertisements, as the raw material used in these bags is environment-friendly and affordable.

As the leading non-woven shopping bags supplier, Universal Bags offers leader bags with different material and weights for carrying things with diverse characteristics. They are exceptionally durable, crafted of washable materials, and they are perfect for silk-screen, digital printing, and transfer printing. Some options in leader non-woven shopping bags come with drawstrings for keeping the items safe. Furthermore, many of these bags for shopping include parallel handles for easy transportation.

Features of Leader Bags

The leader Bags from Universal Bags have a number of features that differentiate them as premium, non-woven shopping bag solutions:

  • The leader bags are sturdy and recyclable, which makes them affordable in the long term. If you have to carry sharp or heavy items, find a thicker bag that can definitely bear the pressure of challenging uses. These woven shopping bags integrate interconnected threads for better fabric durability. Also, these receive chemical and mechanical treatment for enhanced flexibility and water absorption.

  •  Made from high-quality non-woven fabrics, leader bags prefer sustainability, providing an environment-friendly option to conventional plastic bags.

  • The brand furnishes different needs in a number of sizes and styles, from beautiful totes for fashion-forward people to solid recyclable grocery bags for environment-friendly families.

  • Leader bags mix functionality with a smooth and contemporary aesthetic, assuring that users not only gain from their practicality but also make a unique statement.

  • Even if it is for regular shopping, carrying individual essentials, or as a fashion adornment, Leader PP woven shopping bags and woven shopping bags provide diverse functionality to fulfill diverse purposes.



To provide a customized touch to accomplish the special choices and branding needs of our customers, we offer diverse customization alternatives in leader bags, such as:

  • Branding and Logo: Businesses can print their logo and branding attributes onto these bags, successfully converting them into walking ads.

  • Colour Choices: Customizing bags to particular colour choices lets customers line up their bags with brand colours, making sure of a distinct aesthetic.

  • Size Options: We understand that one size doesn’t work for all. Even if it is a smaller tote bag for events or a larger shopping bag for groceries, we offer different sizes to furnish diverse needs.

  • Material Alternatives: Based on the preferred look and feel, organizations and individuals can select from a range of PP woven and non-woven fabrics, assuring the bags line up with the needed level of sturdiness and sustainability.

  • Print Patterns: Beyond logos, we also offer custom print patterns. Thus, allowing businesses and individuals to make unique, attractive designs that emerge from a crowd.

  • Bulk Orders: We facilitate bulk orders for businesses with personalization options. Therefore making it effortless for organizations to use customized bags in their marketing and branding tactics.

Application of Leader Box Bags

Leader box packaging bags possess various applications across many industries, because of their powerful and customizable nature:

  • Retail and Shopping: Perfect for retail businesses, leader box packaging bags can work as stylish and durable shopping carriers.

  • Trade Shows and Events: Leader box packaging bags are generally used for marketing purposes at events and trade shows.

  • Corporate Gifts: Personalized with the company’s special message or logo, these bags work as functional and unique gifts for employees, clients, or partners.

  • Product Packaging: Companies can employ leader non-woven box bags for well–to-do product packaging. Even if it is high-end retail products or specialty items, these bags let businesses make packaging that goes with their brand position.

  • Environment-Friendly Initiatives: With an increased significance on sustainability, leader box bags are the finest options for businesses targeting to decrease their environmental effect.

  • Fashion and Apparel: Clothing retailers can use these box bags to improve their customer experience.

  • Food and Beverage Industry: Whether for branded packing solutions or takeout orders for food and beverage items, these box bags provide a personalized and practical choice.

  • Gift Packaging: Leader non-woven box bags work as an effective and reusable option to conventional gift packaging.

  • Promotional Campaigns: These bags are furnished as walking ads when personalized with promotional messages, assisting to grow brand visibility.

Product Application

Technical Specifications

Placeholder 1 Placeholder 2
GSM 70 to 120
Make Ultrasonic
Size Customizable
Width 180-500mm
Height 180-450mm
Gusset 80-250mm
Carrying Capacity 5-10 kg
Production per day 1 to 1.5 Lakh Bag

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Leader Bags are normally designed for reusability and durability, but the washability may rely on the particular materials utilized. It is suggested to check the product care information given by the manufacturer.

Non-woven box bags have both benefits and disadvantages. Best for their environment-friendliness, sturdiness, and reusability, they add to decreasing single-use plastic waste. Moreover, problems grow regarding their biodegradability and the environmental effect of their production methods, requiring careful thought of disposal processes and sustainable material options.

Non-woven leader bags are adaptable, finding uses in promotions, retail, and events. Best for shopping, their personalized nature makes them effective as marketing items. They are the finest eco-friendly options for corporate gifts, packaging, and event swag bags.

The minimum order quantity for non-woven leader bags is 10000 pieces. And it can differ on the basis of customization and product specifications.

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